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Successful artist and expectant father Jason (D'angelo Midili) is initially overjoyed when his old friend Dee (Lisa Coronado) returns for an unannounced visit, but begins to fear the worst when his vivid nightmares begin to bleed into reality. Just when it seems as if the encroaching darkness will destroy Jason's family, however, a mysterious angel (Philipp Aurand) appears to deliver them from evil.

Directed by Ben Pohl, Starring Ben Pohl, Katarina Choi
Written by Ben Pohl, Katarina Choi, Natasha Sims, D'angelo Midili, Lisa Coronado, Tucker Boggio, Philipp Aurand, James Grixoni, Eric Riedmann, Ben Andrews, James Tobin
  • Format: DVD
  • Publisher: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
  • UPC: 095163885649
  • Region: Region 0